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Our Web Design/Development Capabilities

At KPS Web Solutions, in partnership with our web design partners, we create superb looking web sites which attract signifcant visitors and high Google Search rankings. We offer the full range of websites from relatively simple single page brochure type websites to multi-page complex websites, including e-commerce and bespoke web applications.


Designing a great website isn't  just about making your web site look good; it’s really about delivering your brand to the world in a clear, concise and usable manner based on project goals you've set and return on investment you aim to achieve.


Although our designers like to keep up to date with the latest trends, they don’t get distracted by design for designs sake. They are never satisfied with a website that simply looks nice; it has to clearly deliver your brand message and provide a usable experience to your target audience.


When we begin a project, we like to think of our clients as members of the team. You know your business and goals better than we do and working together we believe we can achieve some great results for you.


Web Design

Web Design

People judge you on first impressions From the first second a potential client sees your website they have already started to form impressions about your services, what type of product you offer and how much your prices might be.It is vital that your website reflects your company and sends a clear message to any potential clients.What does a cheap looking, poorly designed website tell you about a company?

Content Management

The ongoing management of your website is key to keeping it fresh and informative. Communicating with customers, advertising your products and services to the world or simply by telling the world what you are involved in will not only benefit sales but rise your profile both in the minds of your visitors but will benefit search engine ranking.

Content Management

Plan, Design, Build, Test, Launch

Plan, Design, Build, Test, Launch

We’ll make sure your potential customers’ first impression of your company is the best it possibly can be. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your business and plan a website project with well-defined objectives, success criteria and measurable outcomes. Every element of the design and build processes is geared towards achieving these pre-defined objectives and deliver tangible results. This ensures that you see a return on your investment and that your website continues to generate business.

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